Faith in Action

Daily Prayer: Students participate in daily school wide prayer during morning announcements when we pray the Morning Offering and Angel of God prayer.  Each class prays before and after meals and snacks and at the end of the day.

Rosary: K-4 students say the Rosary as a whole group every week in October and May. Our Rosary services are led by fourth grade students.

Advent Services: Students participate in whole school prayer services each week during Advent. This year we held these services on the intercom due to Covid.

Stations of the Cross: All K-4 students participate in Stations of the Cross services each week during Lent. These services are led by third and fourth grade students and 2nd grade students assist at the stations.

Weekly Mass: We attend Mass as a whole school every Wednesday at 9am. Families and parishioners are always welcome to join. Preschool students attend once each month.

Graduation Mass: Our end of the year liturgy is a Graduation Mass which honors fourth grade students who are moving on from St. John’s.

First Reconciliation: Second graders experience God’s forgiveness and reconciliation through the Sacrament of Penance. Teachers work with the pastor to prepare for First Reconciliation.

First Communion: Students in second grade begin preparing for the Sacrament of First Communion in January. They learn about the elements of the Mass and about the Sacrament of the Eucharist. They receive First Communion at their home parish and at St. John’s if they have no home parish.

Catholic Schools Week: A week celebrating our school with fun and educational activities. It is a fun way for our students to express their pride for our school and express our Catholic Identity and parish commitment to Catholic education.

Service Opportunities: Our students bring donations throughout the year including for Hastings Family Service, Toys for Tots, and the Lewis House. In addition we are planning to add a whole school service trip.

Fourth Grade Retreat: This year we held our first fourth grade retreat. Our fourth graders participated in a Catholic leadership retreat led by high school students from the Academy of Holy Angels.

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