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Lenten Retreat – April 3, 2020

Friday there will be a virtual retreat for all K-4 students and their families.  Below you will find links to the information you need for the retreat.  Please complete the activities in the order they are listed.

Prayer Service Information – The complete Retreat and Prayer Service order is listed in this file (click the title Prayer Service Information).  You will need to access Father’s video and Mrs. Aslesen’s music linked below when noted in the file.  Please note: if you can prepare a prayer table at home, please do.  If you are not able to do so, no worries, please continue with the retreat and prayer service.


Music from Mrs. Aslesen



Parents- Below you will find links to online learning resources by grade level.



1st Grade


2nd Grade
Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams
Username:  SJBVermillion
Password:  school2020
Username:  sjb
Password:  school
Our book is the blue Progress with a measuring cup, beads, geo shapes, and frog on the front cover (not the marbles and Russian Matryoshka dolls)
Username:  SadlierStudent
Username:  ReadyToLearn!


Grade 3 /4