Teresa Huneke

I started teaching at St. John’s in the year 2000.  My academic degrees include a Master’s degree in religious education and a teaching certificate from the University of St. Thomas.  I also hold an associate’s degree from the University of Minnesota in animal health and have spent time working in a food science laboratory, testing animal food products, earning a wastewater license, and conducting the wastewater testing for Ralston Purina in Hager City, WI.

My husband and I live on our family farm near Red Wing.  We are active parishioners at St. Joseph’s Church. We grow and preserve a large portion of the food we eat. Our farm is also the home to horses, a dog, cats, ducks, pigs, chickens, and black angus cattle.  I bring my love for animals into the classroom.

When I’m not busy in the classroom or on the farm, I spend time with my grandchildren, who live on an adjacent farm.  I also enjoy God’s wonderful creation by kayaking, skiing, downhill and cross country. As a mother and grandmother, I fully understand the demands on kindergartners.

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

Email: thuneke@sjb-school.org