About Us

Christian virtues.
21st century learning.

Every parent wants their children to become the best version of themselves. At St. John’s School, we make that possible. From individualized learning strategies, one-on-one tutoring and accelerated programs, to movie making, computer programming and robotics, we’ve got a lot to offer all students, at all learning levels. Contact us today to experience our nurturing community! Enrollment is open, and visitors are always welcome. 651-437-2644 or email us.


Our mission is to inspire and empower all learners to become the best Christ -centered version of themselves by integrating Christian virtues, 21st century learning, and service.


The St. John the Baptist School community is a collection of learners who are dedicated to enhance the unique gifts God gave us, so we may do His will. We fulfill this purpose through the following means:

Praise and Understanding. Prayer and religious instruction is integrated into our programs to give praise to the Lord, pursue an understanding of His will, seek His intercession in our lives, and encourage us to live by Christ’s example of loving service.

Personalization. We recognize and celebrate that each learner is unique. We strive to optimize learning programs to embrace and enhance each learner’s personal gifts.

Focus on Learner Outcomes. Our efforts focus on enabling each learner to grow towards excellence in their abilities and confidence in:

  • Their love of the Lord, themselves, and others
  • Their core skills
  • Their desire and ability to learn
  • Their ability to think critically
  • Their ability to collaborate
  • Their ability to create
  • Their desire and ability to serve

Service. We undertake impactful service activities to do God’s will and inspire all learners to live a life of service.

Collaboration. We pursue this journey collectively via the communication and collaboration of our religious leaders, faculty, staff, students, parents, parishioners,
and our broader school community.



St. John’s School is fully accredited by the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA), which ensures that the school meets rigorous standards and has developed a strategic plan for continuous improvement. St. John’s strategic plan can be found HERE. More information on MNSAA can be obtained on the MNSAA website.

State of the School Report 2019-2020